Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wow your Customers or I will by Chris Justice

Who cares about satisfied customer?

In this economy that is the standard, the minimum to be in business. If your customers are not being satisfied you won't be around long. There are too many business that will at least make sure the customer is treated well and satisfied.

However to compete and grow in a recession you have to do a lot more than be
"par for the course". Your goal is to have fanatical customers (loyal fans), when giving choices prefer to only do business with you.

I call this the "wow effect". We have all had them. You may remember someone doing something for you that was so nice or outstanding all you could say is wow!

As a consumer I am very selective with who I spend my money with. And I believe most people are (or will be) the same.

Here is an example of a wow moment I had recently.

I purchased a domain name from GoDaddy. As you know there are thousands of places to buy domains from. At check out my order was a little more than I expected... no big deal. The next morning a 9:30 Sharod called from GoDaddy. He was from customer service. He thanked me for my business and asked if a few minutes to go over my order.

"Oh God" I thought, here comes the up-sell.

And really I was in the middle of three different things. Two people in my office waiting and I didn't have time for a sales pitch.

I told Sharod I was very busy and asked how long will this take?

He politely responded in a friendly voice "Only a few minutes, If you have to go after we start I can call you back".

I said o.k. and the first thing he said to me was that he thinks I over paid. Within two minutes he had credited me back 60% of my money and I still received everything I wanted.

All I could say was wow!

They could have kept my money and I would not have known the difference.

Who do you prefer to do business with? Are you this kind of business? Do you do what's right when no one is looking?

Always strive to wow your customers.

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